International Phycological Society

Accessing Phycologia

In the near future (July 2020) you will be able to access your subscription to Phycologia directly from this web page using your IPS Member login.

Until this is finalized, please continue to access Phycologia through the Taylor and Francis webpage.

  1. Join or renew your membership with the International Phycological Society
  2. You will get an email from Taylor and Francis (the publisher of Phycologia)
  3. Create an account with Taylor and Francis. Log in to your account if you already have one
  4. Click on the link (token) in the email from Taylor and Francis (
  5. For assistance, you can email Taylor and Francis directly

If you have any trouble, you can also contact the secretary.

The International Phycological Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 313 Morning Way, La Jolla , CA 92307

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