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Feldmann Fund

This Fund, begun in 1976, honors the first President of the International Phycological Society, the French phycologist, Jean Feldmann (1905-1978). Professor at the Sorbonne in Paris for many years, Dr. Feldmann strongly advocated for international cooperation among phycologists.

The Feldmann Fund strives to help phycologists in countries where political unrest and economic conditions make it difficult or impossible for them to join the International Phycological Society. Each year, the International Phycological Society can provide memberships for up to 30 individuals through the Fund.

Individuals wishing to apply for membership in the International Phycological Society through the Feldmann Fund should send the following information to the Treasurer:

  • A letter from the individual indicating their interest in becoming a Feldmann Fund members of the International Phycological Society and stating the number of years, if any, of previous membership in the Society (both as a regular member and as a Feldmann Fund recipient).
  • A brief curriculum vitae (two-page maximum).
  • A letter from the appropriate official at their institution (a) verifying employment, (b) stating why the applicant is unable to apply for regular membership in the Society (i.e., the nature of the financial difficulty), and (c) attesting that the member’s copies of Phycologia will not be donated to the Institution’s library

At present, the International Phycological Society does not limit the amount of time a person can receive Feldmann Fund support. However, we do require that a person reapply for support every two years.

If you would like to support the Feldmann Fund, contributions can be included with annual membership renewal or may be sent directly to the Treasurer.

The International Phycological Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 313 Morning Way, La Jolla , CA 92307

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