International Phycological Society

National Phycological Societies

Argentina – Asociación Argentina de Ficología

Australasia – Australasian Society for Phycology and Aquatic Botany

Brazil – Sociedade Brasiliera de Ficologia

Chile – Sociedad Chilena de Ficología

China – Chinese Society of Phycology

Czech Republic – Czech Phycological Society

Europe – Federation of European Phycological Societies

Greece – Hellenic Phycological Society

Japan – The Japanese Society of Phycology

Latin America and the Caribbean – Sociedad Ficológica de América Latina y el Caribe

Mexico – Sociedad Mexicana de Ficología

Nigeria – Phycological Society of Nigeria

Poland – Polish Phycological Society

Spain – Sociedad Española de Ficología

South Korea – Korean Society of Phycology

Southern Africa – Phycological Society of Southern Africa

United Kingdom – British Phycological Society

United States of America – Phycological Society of America

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