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Past Winners Papenfuss Award

Twelfth International Phycological Congress (Puerto Varas, Chile, 22-26 March, 2021-Virtual meeting)

Genes, Genomes and Physiology
W. Stock. Chasing bacteria in the green alga Bryopsis plumosa.

Ecology, Ecosystems and Algal Communities
C. Greco. Microbial Diversity of Pinnacle and Conical Microbial Mats in the perennially ice-covered Lake Untersee, East Antarctica.

Applied Phycology, Education and Outreach
A. González. Using Chimeric Kelp Production as Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for Ecosystemic Services Restoration.


S. Morales-González. Evaluating Possible Introgression between Two Agarophyton Non-Sister Species Living in Sympatry in New Zealand.

J. De Vries. Haplo-Diplontic Life Cycle Expands Coccolithophore Niche.

Eleventh International Phycological Congress (Szczecin, Poland, 13-19 August, 2017)

Phylogeny and Taxonomy
M. L. Vis, K. M. Müller, J. Kwandrans, R.G. Sheath, P. Eloranta, M. Aboal, and P. Sanchéz. Systematic revision of the sister genera Lemanea and Paralemanea (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta).

Genes, Genomes and Physiology
M. Łukomska-Kowalczyk, A. Karnkowska, R. Milanowski, and B. Zakryś. Hypervariable regions of 18S rDNA as a tool for identification of autotrophic euglenid species in metabarcoding surveys.

Ecology, Ecosystems and Algal Communities
M. Rippin, N. Borchhardt, L. Williams, P. Jung, B. Büdel, U. Karsten and B. Becker. Polar biolological soil crust ecology – identification of genera using classical and molecular approaches.

Applied Phycology, Education and Outreach
P. Roychoudhury and R. Pal. Biofabrication of gold and silver nanoparticles using fractioned cellular components of eukaryotic algae and cyanobacteria.

Tenth International Phycological Congress (Orlando, Florida, U.S.A., 4-10 August, 2013)

Microalgal Research

Onuma, K. Watanabe and T. Horiguchi. Ultrastructural and phylogenetic studies of the unarmored kleptochloroplastidic dinoflagellates.

Macroalgal Research

Myung Mi Kim, B. Kim and J. Lee. Discovery of cryptic species in Polysiphonia sensu lato (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) from Korea based on molecular evidence.

Ecology and Physiology

Carla R. Flöthe, M. Molis, I. Kruse, F. Weinberger and U. John. Molecular support for temporal dynamics of induced anti-herbivory defenses in the brown seaweed Fucus vesiculosus.

Genomics and Human Affairs

L. Odom and Linda J. Walters. Proactive assessment of algicides for rapid response to potential invasions by aquarium strains of the seaweed Chaetomorpha.


Ninth International Phycological Congress (Tokyo, Japan 2-8 August 2009)

Phylogeny and Taxonomy.

Takeshi Nakayama, M. Sato, H. Yamaguchi and I. Inouye. Diversity of the biosoecids: implication to the evolution of the stramenopiles.

Gene structure, Physiology and Evolution.

Hideya Fukuzawa, Y. Yamahara, H. Nakano, S. Ozawa and Y. Takahashi. Structure and function of CCM1 complex controlling CO2-concentrating mechanism in a green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Ecology and Ecosystems

Mayumi Veda, Y. Nomura, T. Kadoe and D. Honda. Biomass and seasonal succession of thraustochytrids (Stramenopiles, Labyrinthulomycetes).

Applied Phycology and Education

Thomas Wichard and W. Oertel. Gametogenesis and gamete release of Ulva mutabilis and Ulva lactuca (Chlorophyceae).


Eighth International Phycological Congress (Durban, South Africa, August 2005)

Ota, K. Ueda and K. Ishida. Taxonomy and an interesting post-cell division behavior of a newly isolated chlorarachniophyte strain.

Blake, D. Booth, J. Provan, C. Maggs and M. Dring. Coralline algae as a source of ceramics.

Raniello, E. Mollo, M. Lorenti, C. Brunet, M. Gavagnin and M.C. Buia. Caulerpa racemosa versus Cymodocea nodosa: photosynthetic adaptation and chemical interaction

Nakayama and K. Ishida. Another primary endosymbiosis? Origin of Paulinella chromatophora cyanelles.


Seventh International Phycological Congress (Thessaloniki, Greece, 18-25 August 2001)


W.A. Nelson, J.E. Broom, T.J. Farr and W.A. Jones. Convergent morphologies, obscure relationships and diversity in New Zealand Erythropeltidales and Bangiales.

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Chikako Nagasato and Taizo Motomura. Function of the centrosome for mitosis and cytokinesis in brown algal cells.

Physiological and Ecological Interactions

Gareth A. Pearson, Carla S.B. Viegas, Ester A. Serrão and M. Leonor Cancela. Plastid genes and gene expression in the intertidal alga Fucus vesiculosus L. (Heterolontophyta, Phaeophyceae).

Algae and Human Affairs

Britta Schaffelke, Nicole Murphy and Sven Uthicke. Caulerpa taxifolia in Australia – using genetic tools to explore sources of putative introductions.


Fifth International Phycological Congress (Qingdao, China, 26 June – 2 July 1994)

Ecology and Biogeography

Y.S.D.M. de Jong. Historical geography of North Atlantic seaweeds.

Physiology and Biochemistry

Axelsson, C. Larsson and H. Ryberg. Two mechanisms for bicarbonate assimilation in green macroalgae. I. Identification and regulation in Ulva lactuca.

Systematics, Morphology and Ultrastructure

Andreoli, A. Foltran, N. Rascio and L.R. Scarabel. Ultrastructural and cytochemical study of Plocamium cartilagineum (L.) Dixon


Fourth International Phycological Congress (Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A., August 1991)


Third International Phycological Congress (Melbourne, Australia, 14-20 August 1988)

Yoshiaki Hara and Mitsuo Chihara. Ultrastructural and systematic relationships in unicellular red algae (Rhodophyta).


Second International Phycological Congress (Copenhagen, Denmark, 5-9 August 1985)

Laura Talarico. Ultrastructural characterization of subunits and aggregates of R-phycoerythrin (RPE) from the red alga Acrochaetium sagraenum.


First International Phycological Congress (St. John’s, Newfoundland, 8-14 August 1982)

R.E. DeWreede. In situ studies on Pterygophora californica Rupr.

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