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About the IPC

4 February 2018 (and subject to revision at any time)

Any questions concerning the IPC should be directed to the Chair of the International Organizing Committee, Dr. Olivier De Clerck.

The next IPC will be held online!

About the International Phycological Congress and the International Organizing Committee

The International Phycological Congress meets every four years in a different location. Host cities/countries are chosen by the Board of Directors from the bids received during the solicitation period. Bids are welcome from any country or city. As this is an international society, the IPS relies on local hosts to arrange many aspects of the meetings and so we encourage bids from scientists or professional organizations with an interest in phycology.

Meetings are arranged by the International Organizing Committee (the IOC) in cooperation with the International Phycological Society (IPS). Bids are solicited 5-6 years in advance of a Congress. Planning for the next Congress begins immediately following the current Congress. If you are interested in hosting a Congress, please get in touch with the Chair of the IOC or the President of the IPS.

Each Congress generally chooses a few primary themes. However, contributions from any area of phycology are encouraged. The Congress includes many invited speakers, as well as oral presentations and posters presented by IPS members and the international phycological community.

Past Congresses

The International Phycological Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 313 Morning Way, La Jolla , CA 92307

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