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Hosting the IPC

Proposals should present a strong case outlining the advantages and suitability of the proposed location as a venue for an International Phycological Congress. Documentation should include detailed information about the following:

  1. PROPOSED NAME(S) OF CONVENER(S) and members of the Local Organizing Committee, together with their Institutional addresses and e-mail addresses.
  2. PROPOSED DATES OF THE CONGRESS (Most past IPCs have been held in the first half of August), although alternative dates will be considered.
  3. HOST CITY AND INSTITUTION: accessibility to international travelers; local and national features of special interest to phycologists; other major tourist attractions.
  4. CONGRESS FACILITIES: comment on:
    a) the number of lecture theatres and seating capacities. Indicate the number of symposia/ concurrent paper sessions possible and whether these can be held in one building, in adjacent buildings, or in buildings some distance from one another (a map would be helpful).
    b) audiovisual equipment available in lecture theatres, e.g., projection facilities, etc.
    c) seating capacity and proposed location of the Opening and Closing ceremonies (venues that will accommodate at least 700 persons minimum are required).
    d) seating capacity and location of the plenary sessions.
    e) the size and suitability of areas where poster sessions will be held (allow for space to display at least 300 posters), board availability arrangements, lighting.
    f) the distance between various proposed Congress venues (all session rooms, meals, etc.).
    g) facilities for workshops and rooms for committee meetings.
    h) arrangements for serving refreshments during Congress sessions.
    i) proposal for Congress banquet arrangements.
    j) whether the current format of IPCs can be accommodated or if not, the nature of any changes proposed.
    k) the maximum number of participants it will be possible to handle.
    l) suitable facilities for access, sound, etc.
  5. CONGRESS OFFICE: comment on the proposed arrangements for handling registrations, accommodation bookings, etc. (and approximate cost).
  6. ACCOMMODATION: The range of accommodation available for approximately 700 Congress delegates and visitors, including a range of hotels and lower cost accommodation: give examples of current charges. Proximity of accommodation to congress venues, accessibility by bus, train or other public transport.
  7. CONGRESS TOURS: suggestions for mid-tours and pre- and post-Congress excursions.
  8. BUDGET: an outline of the major items of expenditure anticipated and the approximate costs (current values) including costs associated with renting proposed Congress venues and managing Congress office. Proposals should include cost estimates for 350 and 400 delegates.
  9. TRANSPORT facilities to and from the city in which the Congress is to be located. Local transport to and from the airports/train stations. Are there direct international flights to the host city and from where do these originate?
  10. FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Possible local/national sources of financial support to help offset Congress expenses.
  11. SEASON: weather conditions.
  12. CHILD CARE FACILITIES: Give details of child care facilities available for use by Congress delegates.
  13. OTHER INFORMATION which might be of value to the Board of Directors (e.g., local cultural activities, shopping, restaurants, activities of interest to accompanying persons, etc.).

Completed proposals should be submitted to the President of the International Phycological Society. Email is preferred. Proposals will be evaluated by the Board of Directors of the International Phycological Society. Proposals will be accepted until January 31, 2020.

Further inquiries should be directed to the Chairperson of the International Organizing Committee.

The International Phycological Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 313 Morning Way, La Jolla , CA 92307

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